Now it’s high time to dive deep into Cloud Architecture. The Cloud Architecture defines the technology components that are combined to build a cloud, where resources are pooled through virtualization technology and shared across a network. The components of a cloud architecture include: A front-end platform (the client or device used to access the cloud) AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services, comes up with cloud services to handle high web traffic and the huge amounts of data generated daily on applications or websites. The AWS architecture ensures that customers are following best practices, guidance, and recommendations to develop and maintain cloud solutions. Now, digital transformation for every organization starts with cloud and we at Sunshine Learning and Technologies, work with the best global enterprises to run hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Our IT experts helps clients make the right decision when it comes to cloud migration, cloud adoption and ensures complete control of their cloud and data centre resources, thus ensuring that their cloud environment is fully secure, highly automated and dynamically scalable. At Sunshine Learning & Technologies, we know that you don’t have enough time to stay up-to-date with the AWS best practices every single day. We design your dream architecture by leveraging the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Enjoy this highly available, efficient, secure and cost-effective cloud.


Our AWS certified architects will design, build and review your AWS infrastructure. Whether you start from scratch or already have multiple workloads on AWS, we will perform an in-depth assessment of your requirements and start building your well-architected environments.


Let us understand your business requirements for the perfect environment. We will design your AWS architecture that is tailored to your needs.


Your AWS architecture will be deployed by our AWS engineers using Infrastructure-as-code to automate the deployment of your resources.


Whether you plan to deploy a new workload or already have one, we can review your architecture to find out if there are any possible improvements.

* As a business owner or technical lead, you have to make sure your cloud infrastructure is designed and maintained properly.

But how do you know if your cloud infrastructure is “well-architected”? You need help with the design and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure so that you can focus on growing your business. Pilotcore is here for you! We leverage AWS architecture best practices to design new solutions and conduct thorough infrastructure reviews that expose weaknesses, find areas for improvement, and uncover opportunities for optimization.